Northern Society of Costume and Textiles


The Northern Society of Costume & Textiles accept submissions from Societies, Companies or Individuals who wish to promote their exhibition, book or other publication/related event.

£25 covers a full page on our website under the 'Other News' section which will be displayed for 12 weeks (or until the event expires, if sooner). In addition to text you are permitted up to 3 images and as many external email/website links as is required.  Persons advertising for 48 weeks will receive an additional 4 weeks free.

To submit your item please complete the credit card payment form below which will process your payment via Paypal. When you have completed the checkout send your text/images to for Society apporoval* and addition to our website.

We are sorry but The Society will not carry advertisements to directly sell third party items.

*If for any reason your submission is deemed not suitable for our website, or the event date passes prior to the advert  from our professional website, being placed on our website, we will refund any monies paid.

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How long do you wish the promotion to last?