Northern Society of Costume and Textiles

Below is a list of previous events held by the Northern Society of Costume and Textiles. Click on the VIEW links to view details and images.

07/05/2022 Serendipity: Jane Austen, Embroidery and The Lady's Magazine

29/02/2020 Keep and Copy

23/11/2019 William and Beatrice

21/09/2019 Costume Treasures of a Provincial Town

15/06/2019 Textile Yarns

06/04/2019 Woman in Gold

09/02/2019 All's Wool that ends Wool

24/11/2018 Christmas 1930's Special

06/10/2018 The long and the short of it

30/06/2018 The Georgian Gentleman

14/04/2018 Native American Beadwork

27/01/2018 Georgian Costume and Needlework

21/10/2017 A Celebration of 40 Years

01/07/2017 'From Women in Service to Servicewomen'

08/04/2017 Lister's Silks, AGM and


15/10/2016 The Edwardians - Commerce and Costume at the turn of the Century

18/06/2016 Rags to Riches

16/04/2016 AGM + Heroes of the Silver Screen

16/01/2016 The Sailor and The Bride

10/10/2015 Sticks and Hooks: Knitting and Crochet

04/07/2015 Nijinsky and the Yellow Piano

18/04/2015 AGM, Grace and Lace

17/01/2015 Member's Own Roadshow


21/06/2014 Suit you Sir

12/04/2014 AGM and The Story of Underwear

18/01/2014 Embroidering Social History

05/10/2013 York Mystery Plays and Turkey Red Printing

29/06/2013 'Out of Africa'

20/04/2013 Conservation of Textiles + AGM

02/03/2013 Tops and Tails

03/11/2012 The Fastest Woman on Earth

14/07/2012 A Bit of a Yarn

21/04/2012 AGM and Batik

14/01/2012 'Stitched-up'

08/10/2011 'The Lady and The Laundress'

18/06/2011 'Warp and Weft'

16/04/2011 AGM and Philip Warren: 'Modern Times'

12/02/2011 Members' Own Victoriana Roadshow and Stories of Cloth Part II

20/11/2010 Life and Fashion in the 17th Century

11/09/2010 Undressing Mr Darcy by Gillian Stapleton of The History Wardrobe.

12/06/2010 'Stories of Cloth' - Lesley Sutton & Visit to Queen Street Mill, Burnley

24/04/2010 AGM & Conversation Pieces: an 18th Century Sack-back Dress unravelled - Debra Roberts

23/01/2010 Stitches in History

28/11/2009 Restoration - What Pepys Wore

19/09/2009 Sheriff Hutton Roadshow

20/06/2009 Reminiscences of the 1940's; Memorabilia & Discussion

28/02/2009 Lace and Textile Treasures

29/11/2008 The History of Pantomime

27/09/2008 Katie Chaplin and Jill Clay: 'Kimono', plus Japanese 'Show & Tell' session.

05/07/2008 'The Rustle of Taffeta' - Peter Farrer.

19/04/2008 AGM and Ruth Caswell, Bradford Textile Archive

16/02/2008 Barbara Mavis: The Priory Tapestries and vestments Mary Newlove: Fishermen's 'Ganzies'

03/11/2007 'Favourite Things' - Members Own Roadshow

29/09/2007 JANE EYRE... the well-dressed governess.

23/06/2007 'From Vapours to Votes' - Women's fashions from c.1900 to c.1928.

31/03/2007 AGM and Bill Gibb by Christine Rew.

03/02/2007 Colour Experience

14/10/2006 FINE & FASHIONABLE - Lace from The Blackborne Collection

17/06/2006 Wampum & Warm-ups!

01/04/2006 AGM followed by 'Feathers & Veils'

12/11/2005 Borrowed Plumes

24/09/2005 A Day with the Tudors

18/06/2005 The Snibston Discovery Park

05/02/2005 Bradford Textile Archive