Northern Society of Costume and Textiles
Members' Own Victoriana Roadshow and Stories of Cloth Part II
The Village Hall, Sheriff Hutton

It had been more than 2 years since we met at this favourite venue,  but the local ladies of Sheriff Hutton once more fulfilled their promise to provide   us with a hearty warming lunch to ward off the wintry conditions that we we had all endured over the past few months.

The day hade been planned in two halves. The first refocused  on Lesley Sutton's Stories of Cloth, featured at Pendle back in June.   Rather like the pieces in a Patchwork Quilt, a small snippet of fabric can evoke instant memories of it's background history: where it came from, when and for what occasion it was used, . A number of members presented a wide range of memories which had been re-awakened by a piece, or pieces of cloth. The written summaries of these were collected together and will be exhibited again, before submission to Lesley Sutton.

After an excelent lunch, the afternoon session was reserved for members to put on their own display of  Victorian items of interest which included garments, trimmings, textiles, needlework tools, books and fashion plates. Needlework skills and processes were once so essential and valued - like the warp and weft of society which held communities together, so it was good to highlight their previous significance.

During the afternoon, Mary Bentham and Anthea Bickley selected items from the member's exhibits to talk about to the assembled members and guests.

Also during the afternoon, Chairman Michael Cullingworth presented Grace Pacey with Honorary Membership in recognition of her services to the Society over many years.

Photographs taken at this event can be viewed in  the Photo Gallery.