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Date: 15/10/2016
Title: The Edwardians - Commerce and Costume at the turn of the Century
Venue: Ecumenical Church Hall, Rodley, Leeds LS13 1LJ

'The Edwardians'

Commerce and Costume at the turn of the Century

Saturday, 15 October, 2016

Ecumenical Church Hall, Rodley, Leeds, LS13 1LJ

We are returning to one of our favourite venues for what promises to be another exhilarating meeting, involving, by request, a previous speaker willing to travel all the way from Totnes to revisit her student roots. In her own inimitable way, Julia Fox, Keeper of the Devonshire Collection of Period Costume, will delight us once again, with garments, (and, no doubt, the etiquette to match!), from this fascinating decade of the early twentieth century. It was an era whose engaging monarch gave his name to a time when standards were upheld however impoverished people might be but nevertheless highlighted the contrasts between High Society and the hard-worked lower classes.

First of all, however, we are delighted to have secured Nicola Pullan, Assistant Curator of Social History for Leeds Museums. Now based at Abbey House in Kirkstall, Nicola’s academic path has covered Leeds, Sheffield and Huddersfield, so who better to set the regional scene for us? Victoria’s reign had not only expanded the Empire but generated colossal markets for trade both at home and abroad, fuelled essentially by the industrious north, with Leeds as one of the leaders in this global northern powerhouse of that time.

There is ample parking adjacent to the building, with a disabled access-door, on the level, situated at the top of Terrace/Street,( on the uppermost wall of the premises), where parking is also permitted.

Non-Members are welcome, but must book in advance.

Further details are available by 'phoning 0113 318 8314


10.30am: Coffee/Tea on arrival

11.00am: ‘Buying up the Empire: Shopping for textiles in historic Leeds’, Nicola Pullan.

12.30pm: Buffet Lunch (optional)

c.1.50pm: ‘The Edwardian Lady’s Layers’, Julia Fox

  Cost to Members: £ 12.50
  Cost to Non-Members and Guests: £ 16.00
  Cost of Lunch: (if applicable) £ 10.00
  Online Bookings By: 12/10/2016
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